Sunday, May 3, 2009

Social Entrepreneurship is growing

The concept of Social Entrepreneurship is growing. Entrepreneurs who are able to earn a living while improving the economy or working conditions of people all over the world. Seeing products, colors, and styles from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia brings us closer to the people and cultures who made them. Social Entrepreneurs are bringing Artisan's crafts from developing countries with rich culture and tradition to the United States. Other social entrepreneurs such as Tom's Shoes and One Laptop per Child give a product each time you buy one. Social entrepreneurs are going all over the world to use their business expertise to build positive relationships while helping to economies one person at a time.

In the United States we don't have the mass poverty that is seen in developing countries but we have a growing number of people who are poor and disenfranchised. Social entrepreneurs have an opportunity to teach people the skills they need to end the cycle of poverty and give them a place in their communities. Teaching people Gardening, Crafts, and Business Skills empower them to use their talents and gain much needed economic opportunities.

While teaching an entrepreneurship through gardening class, I found that the women in the group were very enthusiastic about growing vegetables and having healthy produce for their families. Gardening takes work and responsibility, but it is a healthy way to de-stress.

What opportunities do you see for doing business while helping your community and the planet?

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