Thursday, June 18, 2009

Entrepreneurship is a Growing Trend

Entrepreneurship is growing as a career path. According to the Kaufman Index, the downturn in the economy seems to be driving more people to start their own businesses when they find themselves unemployed. As a result there is an increase in the number of businesses that tend to generate smaller incomes. Owners of these businesses may face greater financial challenges due to lack of capital to invest and less business experience. But it doesn't take a high level of education, years of business experience or a lot of money to be successful in a business. Some factors that may help overcome lack of capital are:
  • Strong network
  • Filling a need
  • Products that are affordable
  • Passion
  • Drive
  • Time to work on the business
  • Strong family support system
Those entrepreneurs who are struggling in this economy may be able to tap into their resourcefulness, and need to succeed to make their businesses work. Struggling entrepreneurs may bring much needed creativity and new perspective to their problem industries. With the current level of unemployment and with corporations failing, there must be something wrong with the way we are doing business. We need a new way of thinking and working. The upcoming young and older entrepreneurs will provide impetus for change regardless of how much money they make. Tapping into the strengths of diverse cultures may bring different ways of doing business, such as:
  • Families working together
  • Communities supporting local entrepreneurs
  • Small businesses cooperating and collaborating
  • Trading services
  • Community small business centers
I believe one of the biggest obstacles many of these businesses face is a lack of business knowledge. With the current level of job loss a growing number of people want to start their own businesses. Often they have a skill that they are very good at, but don't know where to begin to get information for starting a business. Many artisans and people with expert skills lack the understanding, interest, organization, and communication skills to plan and implement necessary business tools. Each of us uses a different measure of success. Having a simple plan, support systems, and accountability will help new entrepreneurs find success.

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Nancy Miller, M.S., Career Management Consultant
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Affiliate Websites

I tried Google AdSense, and I didn't like the ads that dominated my website. I moved them out of the way to the bottom of my blog. Now they are not a nuisance, but they have little chance of producing revenue. I will take them off soon.

I am much more interested in the affiliate programs. As an affiliate, I can choose companies that I use and respect, and I control the size of the banner or link. I can place adds and links in the text and/or on the sidebar. I enjoy sharing business tools that I have looked at and can review myself or get feedback from readers on their value. Here are some sites that will get you started as an affiliate.

Commission Junction (probably the best known)
Connect Commerce (Google)
Linkshare (I'm not familiar with this one)

Each affiliate site has their own set of rules to follow. They are all similar, but you will want to read the agreements before you sign. You will need to give them your business EIN or social security number for tax purposes. Each company has rules that you need to follow to continue doing business with them. Again each is similar, but there are important variations. Here are a few examples.

Vista Print (It's my link, try it!)
Allows you to click on your own link and get commission from the products you buy.

Doesn't allow you to click on your link, they require their link to be placed ahead of a competitors link, and they have a really nice button for "greener" products.

Has some REALLY big banners, so watch what you choose, they have different sizes, styles, and specials to choose from.

Watch your email for changes and updates from your affiliate partners. I will be adding more soon. It does take time to set them up.

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Nancy Miller, M.S., Career Management Consultant
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Living Naturally

In the last few years I’ve become more aware of how our lives and careers impact the environment. From reading websites like the New American Dream and Green Career Central to learning that my daughter chose to use cloth diapers and cloth napkins rather than disposable, I can see how many small changes make a huge impact on creating a healthier planet. Recently my four-year old grandson was visiting recently and asked, “Nona, what happens if the earth gets sick?” The question surprised me but I told him that the earth is getting kind of sick, and we are cleaning it up. Our children remind us how important it is to create a healthy planet.

I’ve been thinking about ways that I can enhance my coaching business by offering a tangible product that promotes healthy living and a healthier planet. In business seminars they say that when times get tough people want a band-aid rather than a vitamin. I have been offering the vitamin in the form of coaching, classes and workshops that support strategies for long-term success, but I realized that in our present economy people often want something to make them feel better now.

So I started looking for band-aids. Products that taste good, are safe for the environment and have healing properties. I began researching companies I was familiar with that are known to have products that are healthy and safe for the environment. I was having difficulty finding a product that fit the niche I was looking for. Then I remembered a delicious Cucumber Dill Dip that I bought at the California State Fair from a Watkins Associate. Watkins products have been known for their healing and environmentally safe products since 1868. Watkins products are soothing, safe, and have the NPA and DFE Certifications for providing natural products that are designed for the environment.

With an investment of only $39.99 I became a Watkins Associate and started using Watkins products at a 25% discount. If you are interested in joining me in creating A Greener Business through using and promoting Watkins products, you can contact me by phone or email for more information. If you just want to try some products use the Watkins website and enter my Watkins Associate ID # 384397.

I started my business to use my passion, training, and experience to provide a service that I felt was important. I'm living my dream everyday. My passion drives my business rather than my business driving me. If you are a person with an entrepreneurial personality, you may be driven to own a business and then find a product or service that fits your lifestyle. What drives you to work at what you do?

With Love and Happiness,
Nancy Miller, M.S.
Watkins Associate
ID #384397

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Nancy Miller, M.S., Career Management Consultant
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