Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been hearing a lot about affiliate programs lately, and I've been thinking about adding advertisers that I use or that seem to fit with the content of this blog. At a recent conference, one of the presenters discussed the money earning power of Google AdSense. I'd been avoiding such open advertising, but decided to try it out on this blog first since it is related to doing business. After spending about an hour and half reading about the program and feeling like I was probably wasting my time, I signed up. Even though I was skeptical, I didn't want to sign up without some clue about what I was signing up for. I was surprised to find that Google had some good policies such as not allowing their ads to go into popups, unsolicited emails, or adult content. Google allows you to put the code for your ads anywhere on your website or you can use their simple process. Obviously if the ads are not very visible, you won't get the pay per click revenue.

After taking the plunge and signing up for AdSense ads that were supposed to be related to this website, I found a list of ads that were unrelated such as earn big $ to work at home and templates for $335..and up (at least they said up front that they were charging.) I deleted the ads and added "monetize" again. I'm not completely happy with the ads since one ad didn't spell "custom business plans" correctly. Another advertiser claims you can become a successful Life Coach in 30 days by listening to his CD's at home. Typically certification from reputable coaching programs involves home study, coach training, supervised coaching, and a test. While a person with a graduate degree in a psychology or counseling could step into coaching through self-study, not everyone has the training and background to be a coach without going through a rigorous program. While I would not endorse any of these ads, they don't appear inappropriate for a business website.

Since Blogger is part of Google, they make it very easy to "monetize" your blog. I like the fact that it is also very easy to delete the ads if I don't like them. I will continue with AdSense and see how I like it. I don't think I will have these ads visible enough to make them very profitable. It's easy to insert the ads after every post and on the sidebar. The options are simple to apply and change. I chose to put the ads on the sidebar after all of my links and blogroll. Less intrusive, but also less profitable. You can take a moment to click on the ads and see how AdSense works.
Google policy asks that the publisher not click on their ads, so I will go to each site to see what I am advertising. Let me know if you should have any problems after clicking on the ads. Just post a comment.

I will be soon begin adding affiliates that I use and/or am familiar with. I will also report on the different ads posted on this site. Let me know your experience with affiliates. Are you finding them profitable, intrusive or both?

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