Thursday, March 5, 2009


Your purpose for doing business

Some people are born entrepreneurs. They want to be their own boss, start something new and follow a process, take on a risk or challenge and see what happens, or just try something unique and different.

Born entrepreneurs want to have their own business and will find something to produce, a service to provide, or market someone else’s idea. If one business fails they will start another sometimes very different from the first one.

Executive entrepreneurs have a service or product that they believe will be profitable. They start a business so that they can work independently to provide the best product or service. Often they work for someone else until they have the expertise, network, and financial independence to take off on their own.

Creative entrepreneurs have a business so they can do what they love. They might work for someone else until they get their business started, or they might continue to maintain a paying job while following their passion. The creative entrepreneur has a business sell something they like producing or to provide a service they feel is important.

Before investing in a business, it is important to know why you want to start a business. Are you motivated by a bigger paycheck, lack of work, or by filling a need. Knowing why you want to start the business will help you determine how much time and money to invest, how you will measure success, and how you will market your product or service.

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